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Guestbook for Anime Milwaukee 2009
Jackie (Naruto Uzumaki & Roy Mustang)(non-registered)
Thanks greatly for all these amazing photos ^^ i really hope to see you next year at AMKE 2010
Awwwww! I missed it! Great cosplay everyone! I'll see you next year!
It's so funny because all us Wisconsin people are so pasty white XD
GO WHITE CHICKS! (and dudes ;) )
Emichan(aka Temari)(non-registered)
Thank you for taking photos of us at Anime Milwaukee.^^ I love seeing all of the cosplayer showing off their costumes. Hope to see you next year! =^.^=
Thank you so much for uploading these! Someone actually got footage of our masquerade skit (I was the Organization XIII member with the other girls who were killed by Rick-Rollin and by plushies). Thanks! Please come back next year - these look awesome!
Sweet pics dude!

"AOT"(at the con) aka "djtechno"(at
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