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Bryan is a full time wedding and portrait photographer.

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Wedding Portfolio

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Created 29-Jun-12
Modified 29-Jun-12
Wedding Portfolio

Lindsey and Alex

Visitors 54
24 photos
Created 20-Dec-11
Modified 20-Dec-11
Lindsey and Alex

Rob and Krista's Wedding Album

Visitors 122
36 photos
Created 24-Mar-11
Modified 24-Mar-11
Rob and Krista's Wedding Album

Mike and Angie Wedding Album

Visitors 110
36 photos
Created 13-Sep-11
Modified 13-Sep-11
Mike and Angie Wedding Album

Lindsey and Alex Hall(wedding)

Visitors 91
355 photos
Created 15-Sep-11
Modified 15-Sep-11
Lindsey and Alex Hall(wedding)

Jenn and Bill

Visitors 46
27 photos
Created 25-Jan-11
Modified 25-Jan-11
Jenn and Bill

Tom and Dina

Visitors 88
27 photos
Created 25-Nov-10
Modified 25-Nov-10
Tom and Dina

Justin and Shasta Wedding Album Proof 1

Visitors 35
21 photos
Created 28-Jun-12
Modified 28-Jun-12
Justin and Shasta Wedding Album Proof 1

Corydon and Katie

Visitors 39
28 photos
Created 29-Jul-13
Modified 29-Jul-13
Corydon and Katie

Frank and Juliana

Visitors 72
22 photos
Created 31-May-10
Modified 31-May-10
Frank and Juliana

Jessica and Dan

Visitors 34
25 photos
Created 13-Sep-12
Modified 13-Sep-12
Jessica and Dan

Costume Shoots

Visitors 1791
125 photos
Created 17-Aug-12
Modified 17-Aug-12
Costume Shoots

Dragon Con 2014 Download Folder (for those people that didn't have a USB drive)

Visitors 447
795 photos
Created 30-Sep-14
Modified 30-Sep-14
Dragon Con 2014 Download Folder (for those people that didn't have a USB drive)

Jonna and Ottavio

Visitors 31
25 photos
Created 11-Dec-14
Modified 11-Dec-14
Jonna and Ottavio

Brandi and Jon

Visitors 14
24 photos
Created 8-Aug-14
Modified 8-Aug-14
Brandi and Jon

Identity Fashion Show 2016

Visitors 81
873 photos
Created 9-Feb-16
Modified 9-Feb-16
Identity Fashion Show 2016

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Guestbook for Bryan Humphrey
Thanks for the look end your creativity
Steve B(non-registered)
Hi. I just had some group pictures taken at awa. I had forgotten what I'm supposed to do to get them. Thanks!
Bryan Humphrey
To the Messenger,

I think we have come a long way with this however it would have been nice if you could have contacted me directly so that I could answer your questions.

The Dragon Con logo was used with permission.

My private shoots were sold out long before the logo ever appeared.

However, I do agree with you about the confusion and have removed all photos with the logo from the web.

The Messenger(non-registered)
It is not about money. It is about you selling yourself to unsuspecting clients that "think" they are purchasing the services of the "official" DC photograher. You sell your self as this, you use the DC logo on your pics. You are like a used car sellsman that puts saw dust in the transmission to hide a bad ride.

You are talented but you soil that talent by selling your self as something as you are not.

It is wrong and if you were any type of professional (or even a man) you would not lower yourself to such a level.

Enjoy the Con.
Roger Benson(non-registered)
The Messenger: Doubly invalid.

DragonCon has *never* required photographers to pay for the "privilege" of shooting at the con. Those that are paying aren't paying to take pictures, they're paying for space just like any other dealer there. Others, like Froggy, do not purchase space from the Con. Rather they strike separate deals with the guests and set up in space they rent from the hotel, like in a suite. The con does not make any money off these people beyond their memberships.

Let me say that again; DragonCon does not make any money off these people beyond their memberships. Any deals with the Guests are the same as selling their autographs and pictures in the Walk of Fame. It is an entirely separate business transaction. As long as Bryan doesn't charge to shoot in DragonCon rented space, he is doing nothing wrong. If he contracts with the hotel for space, that is separate and DragonCon doesn't have anything to do with it.

As far as professionalism, just because you paid for space to take and sell pictures, it does not make you a professional. I know of hundreds of professional photographers that come to DragonCon to simply to enjoy it and take pictures. Some even rent special equipment just for the show, not to make money, but just to have fun.

The DragonCon Photostaff falls into that category; professionals that are donating their time and having fun. I know it because I used to do it. I was the founding Director of Photography and held that position for 10 years until the birth of my son.
The guestbook is empty.